Is your sales or fundraising process effective?

We can work with you to improve your fundraising and business development process. With a significant background in non-profit fundraising and in commercial business development we provide an outsider’s viewpoint to your current processes and systems, which often allows for identification and resolution of organizational blind-spots.

There’s money on the table, if you don’t pick it up someone else will!

We will work directly with your board of directors, development team, or sales people to help them succeed in their mission to grow the bottom line. Together we will review your database and determine strategies for reaching untapped resources with which you already have connections.


Your sponsorship process can benefit from our experience!

We have a proven track record of securing and maintaining sponsors for several clients and events. With our multiple media resources we can not only help you secure sponsors, but also insure they receive significant exposure throughout your event.

We have secured significant sponsorship for clients from Community Professional Loudspeakers, Honda Power Generation, Belden Cable, The David Clark Company, and many more. We’re not afraid to ask for the big ticket items and we can ask in your name as well!

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