PortfolioFundraising Campaign- Flapjack Frenzy

J. B. Covert Masonic Lodge started the Kyle Adkins Memorial Scholarship Fund after the untimely death of Brother Kyle Adkins at the age of 30. Within 9 months the first two scholarships were awarded to students at two of the schools where Mr. Adkins was a math teacher and band director. BTSP was engaged to create an event which would help fund the scholarship for years to come.

In 2016 the lodge agreed to try out a non-traditional pancake breakfast in the form of a head to head to pancake cook off between the local police and fire departments as a fundraiser. After the success of that event the lodge agreed to try it again on a significantly larger scale and in April of 2018 Flapjack Frenzy- Marching Band Edition and engaged BTSP to put it all together.

BTSP was engaged to develop the entire event including securing sponsorships from major retailers and local retailers. The successful sponsorship campaign included receiving support from Sam Ash Music Stores, Meijer, The Meat Store, Original Pancake House, On2 Percussion, and United Dairy Farmers. All collateral materials including flyers, posters, tickets, sponsorship packets, and promotional video were developed by BTSP. We also managed the online campaign for the event and the lodge’s social media campaigns.